How A Butcher Used A Misplaced Apostrophe To Drive Sales

A clever butcher (you’ll see why) hangs a sign outside his shop advertising “sausage’s for sale.”

A clever passerby spots the out of place apostrophe and goes into the shop to let them know, “Hey! You meant plural, not possessive on your sign. You don’t need the apostrophe. Common mistake, just wanted you to know.” But remember, this is a clever butcher.

“Oh, I know. I did it on purpose to get people like you into my shop. Now, how many sausages would you like?”

Of course, be ethical. But beyond that, be effective. Driving interest, creating curiosity, calling for conversations – these are how we make progress.

If progress is the goal, effectiveness is the focus. Hang the right sign to get the right people into the shop and converted into the right customers.

h/t Richard Shotton for the butcher story