How (And Why) To Focus On Perceptions, Not Realities

“People respond to perceptions, not realities, and having the initiative allows you to shape perceptions.” – Venkatesh Rao

Once we accept “the map is not the territory,” we see the interpretations of the map-makers as separate from the territory they are mapping.

The next step is to understand we have the power to make our own maps. For our clients, for our businesses, for our competitors.

Disney tells us Disneyworld is a magical place. They’re shaping our perceptions.

McDonald’s tells us a Happy Meal is… a happy meal. They’re shaping our perceptions.

Statefarm tells us they’re “like a good neighbor.” They’re shaping our perceptions.

Disagree with any of these? Have at least a counterpoint? Good. You’re already seeing why the map is not the terrain and there is plenty of opportunity putting your own interpretation into a map.

There’s much work to be done, my fellow cartographers. Get to (re)drawing YOUR perceptions.

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