How Experts Can Better Serve DIY-ers

An all too common expert complaint: What they’re doing is insane. We’re the experts, we can help, but they’re doing this in the most roundabout, idiotic, insane way! Why don’t they just hire us?

Here’s the disconnect. 

The do-it-yourself (DIY) people know what they want to do. 

The experts know what the DIY’s ought to do (optimally, in theory). 

If the experts are ever going to reach the DIY’s, the experts will need to figure out how to show the DIY’s they can improve their outcomes. 

People who want to learn go to school. People who want to teach work at a school. They both meet in the classroom. 

Experts without clients are experts who haven’t figured out how to set up a school and enroll students. Yet. 

Easier said than done, but – critical to success. 

If we’re the experts and we want to help otherwise DIY people, we had better figure out what school they’d be willing to attend to learn what we know.  

We can’t make the school we want to make and expect it to succeed. We have to make the school our potential students want to attend. Even if the approach they’re starting from isn’t what we’ve traditionally worked with in the past.  

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