How Oasis Saved Their Bank Account With Autographs

Oasis once offered a refund to fans after a very hyped gig experienced some very frustrating technical difficulties. 

The problem with the refund was… it was crazy expensive. Here’s how they turned bad news into a great story.

The band found themselves on the hook for about 1 million pounds to some 20,000 people. Understanding they wanted to offer the money, but also maybe not see their bank account drop by that much, they got creative. 

The Gallagher brothers hand-signed all 20,000 checks and sent them out. 

Now, ask yourself this question: would you rather have a signed autograph from an artist you presumably like enough to pay to see perform, OR 45 quid? 

Most of the checks went uncashed. Bank account saved. That’s a creative solution to a novel problem. 

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