How To Be Cool In Front of Christopher Nolan (Via Marc Maron)

You know those people you super-admire? That the minute you’re in front of, you find yourself doing, or saying, or looking something stupid? 

Marc Maron’s a Christopher Nolan fan. He likes his movies. He likes “his vibes.” 

And Cillian Murphy got to tell him how he couldn’t believe how cool he played it in front of Christopher Nolan that one time. 

How’d Marc do it? 

By having no clue it was Christopher Nolan. 

Maron was in an airport when Murphy spotted him. Turns out Cillian likes WTF. So Cillian says hi, they strike up a conversation because Marc likes Cillian’s work too, and the guy Cillian’s with compliments Marc’s suitcase or something minor. 

Then they went on their separate ways. 

Maron to go do a comedy date and make some podcasts. 

Cillian and Nolan to go and finish Oppenheimer

That’s how easy it is to be cool. 

If you don’t know, you can’t really care. 

Ego sure is funny.