How To “Brand” Like A Musician (Mikael Moore)

“How do they look so cool while I look like I’m trying so hard to be cool?”

This is a question I ask myself often. I asked it more back when I was trying to make music, but I still ask it today. I can’t help the comparisons, even if the names and types of stages have changed. 

Mikael Moore, better known as a Managing Director for Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Production Company, lays out the work that goes into presenting an artist’s image. 

How to get a feeling across. 

Because sometimes a feeling has to proceed an idea.

Especially when you’re selling art. Or an artist. 

Or you’re selling your somewhat regular business, but you’d really like people to sing about you. To ask if a friend has heard about what you’re up to. To be more than just some crap on a shelf or in a filing cabinet. 

So yes, this isn’t just about branding for musicians. Pay attention. h/t to Josh Spector for pointing it my way: