How To Change Their Mind

“You can’t copy and paste your reasoning into another person. You have to hold space with the other person to engage in a reasoning process…” – David McRaney

If you want somebody to see something from your perspective, don’t think you can just insert your logic into their head. 

Instead, start with their perspective. 

Ask how they see it. 

Once they’ve spoken, and after you’ve confirmed you’ve really listened and heard them, now and only now can you start picking up parts of the argument and asking additional questions. 

If you jump straight into your logic without listening, nobody’s mind is going to change. 

But if you’re willing to hold space for them to think out loud, you have a chance of changing a mind (even if it’s your own). 

I highly highly highly recommend David McRaney’s work, and if you’re into the topic of communicating ideas people disagree with at face value (hello everyone selling anything?!), check out his interview on EconTalk.