How To Deepfake Your Pointless Meeting Attendance

I saw a headline for an article on Medium about a person who deep faked themself in meetings for a week and nobody noticed. I didn’t read it. The nice thing about modern internet culture is while you shouldn’t judge books by their cover, you can judge Medium posts by their headlines. Still, there’s an unsettling truth here. 

If you can deep fake your way through meetings, your career and your company are not in a good place. 

The positive news here is they are not mutually exclusive. 

Companies can do a better job engaging their people and not having pointless meetings. 

Employees can do a better job calling out pointless meetings and/or engaging in a way that makes them less pointless. 

While I find the deep-fake strategy HIGHLY amusing, it’s also deeply frustrating. I once had a hangnail problem I eventually traced to a weekly meeting. It was a sign to GTFO.

If you’re resulting to passive-aggression or self-destruction, a change is gonna need to come.  

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