How To Sell PREMIUM Water (Hint: Choose Your Comparisons Wisely)

Liquid Death is a premium water brand. Yes, water. The kind you can get from your tap for near free, or from their company (with a fancy logo and for more than your average bottle of water). 

How do you sell premium water – OR any commodity product for a premium price? By understanding it’s not good enough to be better, and focusing instead on how you’re different.

In their case, by comparing their water to other much more expensive ($$$!!!) drinkable items. 

See what they did there? 

Instead of whing about how they’re more expensive than the tap because they’re better in some pseudo-logical way, they’re going to show off how much cheaper they are than a blendered wagyu cheeseburger – which hits on a psychological and physical level, as you’ll see.   

It gets a little gross, but do yourself a favor and watch this, because it’s brilliant. 

Ps. I’ve apparently written a LOT about better vs. different, read more examples/stories like this one here

h/t Richard Shotton for highlighting this ad too:

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