How To Tell If “We’re Surrounded” Is Good Or Bad

I’m a huge proponent of a good spell and grammar check. I’m also a huge proponent of good tech to do it, because while I’m pretty good at keeping my their, there, and they’re’s straight, I am but a human. Grammarly is the app/plug-in I use to keep me in check. And, once in a while I get a great creative insight out of them too. Here’s one from just the other day.

While checking a document, Grammarly asked me if I meant “surrounded with” or “surrounded by.” Good question.

When we’re “surrounded with” something, it feels like it’s us and our people, ready to stick together and take on the world.

When we’re “surrounded by” something, it feels like we’re on the defensive, possibly with our people, possibly on our own, ready (hopefully) to put up a fight to survive.

It’s a reminder. Next time I feel “surrounded by” something, I want to remember who I’m also “surrounded with.” We don’t do this alone, and to have one without the other isn’t necessary.

To our teams, families, and friends. May we all be surrounded with the people we’re ready to fight with.