I’d Like To Make A Motion That We Face Reality

Life advice from the philosopher comedian Bob Newhart,

I’d like to make a motion that we face reality.

Use this quote: in meetings, conversations, and disputes. The only rule is actually following through to the facing of said reality. A word of warning: not everybody wants to face reality at times, and that includes ourselves.

The kindness of “making the motion” is how it invites everyone in the group to make a personal commitment. The usefulness of the act is how it tells us who can and can’t say yes and whether or not we are at a stubborn impasse. Stubborn impasses are bad places to be.

Technically speaking, it should be easy to face reality – it’s staring straight at us all of the time after all. But for whatever reason, it’s not always so easy to stare back at it. It’s a habit we have to build up to and keep. Often times it even takes a group to face it together. Motioning is another way to ask for help when we know reality is difficult.

Make the Newhart motion. Face reality. Invite the others to join in too.