I’d Never Been Happier To Step In Vomit

It was the middle of the night. Both of my dogs were in the living room moving around so I knew something was up. I got out of bed to check and stepped in a pile of warm mush.

It was gross.

It mashed between my toes, I immediately smelled something pungent and assumed the worst. I was about to find dog diarrhea everywhere.

I hopped around the bed to the wall where the light switch lives, turned the lights on, and breathed a deep sigh of relief. It was only vomit.

I’d never been happier to step in vomit.

Yeah, it was still in 4 different places in gross little piles. Yeah, we took a walk at 2 am and then cleaned everything up. But, it was only vomit.

Everything is relative. Everything. It’s up to us to ask “compared to what” and find the positive.

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