I’m An Optimist Because I Remember Tel Aviv As It Was

Howard Lindzon was telling Ben Hunt why he’s an optimist about the situation in Israel. 

Lindzon said, “I am an optimist because I remember Tel Aviv as it was.” 

Memory of the good fuels imagination of the good. 

You can daydream good too, but when you know something good existed – from experience – you can pine for it in a distinct way. 

And pining alone isn’t enough. You have to make it. If you believe in it.

Makers are, by definition, optimists.

As Ben says (just not here), “Make. Protect. Teach.” 

It’s how we bolt on hope. Which the world seems in short supply of lately. And so we add:

Make. Protect. Teach. With clear eyes and a full heart. Because we are optimists, who both remember it as it was before, and are filled with hope for what it can become. 

Thanks guys. 

h/t “EXCLUSIVE: Ben Hunt and Howard Lindzon 11/3/2023” on YouTube.

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