Cultish Creative is (sort of) moving. If you’re on the mailing list – did you get an email from me at about 6am EST on 4/1/2024? Please check. It might be in spam. 

No, it’s not an April fools joke. I just have bad timing. Really bad timing.

Here’s what to look for and then what’s going on:

*new* emails are coming to you from:  [email protected]

You may have to save that email to an address book. 

AND IF YOU SEE NOTHING IN YOUR INBOX – let me know by clicking reply, or sending me an email directly – [email protected] so I can trouble shoot it.

Also, I’m still working out some quirks with forwarding from this site, but if you want to get to the full record, it definitely lives here:

Technology. It’s always changing a little bit too fast. Thanks for attempting to keep up with me.

Blockchain, AI, and the Cylons or Terminators or something awful fixes this eventually. Until then, we are all just trying our best to program the VCR clocks of our lives. Godspeed.

PS. I’ll be starting up a WEEKLY edition. For those of you who think hearing from me daily is a bit much, the weekly edition will be on Saturday’s and feature highlights from the blog, socials, and anything else I’m up to. If you get the daily edition you’ll get these too, but if you only want to hear from me weekly, let me know. That will officially start within the next few weeks FYI.