Imposter Syndrome Vs. I’m The Poster Boy Syndrome

On one hand, sometimes you feel like you’re an imposter and have no right to even attempt what you’re doing (or scared to start doing). 

On the other, you feel like “I’ve soooo got this. I’m the champ – look at my crown, everybody gather round and listen up.” 

It’s useful to know the term “imposter syndrome” so we can be OK with starting new things. It also comes in handy when things are hard on the second, third, and fourteen-thousandth go-round when we’re determined to figure out how “they” make it look so easy. 

Labeling “impostor syndrome” can snap us out of being under-confident, and back into the stable confidence of “try it again.” 

Likewise, we have to know what “I’m the poster boy syndrome” is so we stay away from the lack of self-awareness admired success can bring. 

Labeling “I’m the poster boy syndrome” can snap us out of being over-confident, and back into the stable confidence of “try it again.” 

Confidence is a balancing act. The emphasis belongs on the process, and the results can speak for themselves. 

Remembering under-confident, confident, and over-confident run on a continuum can be helpful in course correcting from wherever you are in the moment. 

h/t Money with Katie for the inspiration on this one

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