In, Out, Or Co? When And Where To Get Help

Nothing like having a colleague stop you dead in your tracks mid-call to say, “Are you seriously going to do that? You? Yourself? Why? Give it to me.”

It was a reminder. I am a habitual (and recovering) self-sourcer.

Every activity in front of us, if it’s not absolutely necessary for us and only us to do, can be in-sourced, out-sourced, or co-sourced. It’s the path to smarter decisions, better time management, and ultimately higher profits no matter what business we’re in.

IF you can do the work yourself, or better yet, if someone you already employ can do it cheaper, in-source it.

IF it will cost you more (in hard dollars, time, or sanity) to do the work than someone you can hire to do the same work competently, out-source it.

IF there is more upside from making a commitment in partnership, get out of the “who is hiring who to do what” mentality and co-source it. You know – share.

In-source, out-source, and co-source are three ways to get it done. Choosing the right one means making smarter, better, and more profitable decisions.

Don’t get called out I like I did, call it out in advance with whatever approach makes the most sense and why.

Ps. And if you do get called out, thank them! What’s the “I think I can source this better” roadblock you’re currently facing? Send me a message and let me know.

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