Incremental Versus Exponential Progress

When we go to pursue the next item on our list, we’re making incremental progress. Inch by inch, we’re moving forward. When we figure out a way the next item on our list can be used to accomplish other goals as well, we have the opportunity to make exponential progress. With each roll, our snowball grows as it moves forward.

Most tasks have some primary purpose. Incremental progress is focused on just the primary purpose. Take an outbound call to complete a task for example. Most tasks can also have other related purposes. The same outbound call might also include a personal touchpoint and a question about interest in an upcoming event. Multiple purposes make for exponential progress, either in deepening the value we provide or by expanding our business in some way (products, services, referrals, etc.).

A word of warning: we always have to get the primary job done first. Even exponential progress starts with the incremental rolling of the snowball.

A word of purpose: we can have a bigger and broader impact if we look for ways how. Strategically considering which tasks are rolling snowballs versus only inching forward is a start.

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