“-ing” The Thing

How does “a good” turn into “a service?” By moving from being a noun to a verb. There’s an easy way to remember it: “-ing” the thing. 
Don’t just have a plan, do planning. 
How does “a service” turn into “an experience?” By taking the verb and personalizing it.
Do planning together. With the client. Make it interactive. 
The better we “-ing” the thing, the more memorable it can become. The more memorable the experience, the more likely a person is to see its value and communicate it to others (good or bad!). 
When our clients return to their world, if they talk about what we did for them it won’t be about the product they received or the service we provided. It will be about their memory of their experience and why it was (or wasn’t!) valuable to them.
Ideally, they’ll also be able to tell someone else why they should try it/get it/experience it too. 
This is THE standard we are after. Don’t just have a something to offer, actually do something and do it engagingly with the client. Not just a good, not just a service, but a memorable experience. This is what we strive for. 
Positively memorable > easily forgettable, every single time. “-ing” the thing. Make it matter. 
*for more, read “The Experience Economy” by  B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. See also this “Four Types Of Customization For Any Business.”

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