We don’t need a new methodology, we need a better-integrated approach to accomplishing whatever we want to accomplish. We don’t need our first cookbook, we need someone to teach us how to make each recipe. We don’t need a self-help book, we need the actionable steps and to be accountable for taking them
There’s a book, a blog post, a podcast, a YouTube video, an online class, et al, about everything. The methodologies are all out there. If even the magicians’ secrets are Google-able, what’s a professional left to do? 
Integration is more valuable than just recounting the methodologies. Integration is the actual application of the method. In real life, in real time. When we’re willing to do the work, when we’re willing to teach, when we’re willing to get our hands dirty, others are willing to ask for and accept our help. 
There’s value in the help people want. Anyone can write out the methodology. It can make perfect sense on paper. Not just anyone can integrate the approach and bring it to life. It might as well be us. 

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