Intentional And Attentional

Warning: this might sound familiar.

There’s something you want to do. You start to do it and then six thousand other things suddenly get in the way.

How are we supposed to get on the path – let alone stay on it – with all of this noise? The jobs, the clients, the house, the kids, the voices in our heads. Luckily, there’s a mantra to get us through this.

Mind your I’s and A’s.

Remember to be both intentional and attentional. When you’re drifting, check back in with these.

We want to be intentional enough to stay in control of the direction where we are headed in.

We want to be attentional enough to be aware of what’s going on with and around our efforts.

Intentions keep us focused on the goal. Attention keeps us focused on the path and what’s happening on the journey.

Everyone loses their way from time to time. Our intentions find a new shiny object, or our attention ADD’s off after some butterfly. Next thing we know we’re lost.

When it happens, restore the intentions and attentions and get back on the path. Everybody gets lost. Use your I’s and A’s to get back and stay back.

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