Isaac Newton Was A Poet

Gravity is just an observational description. 

Somewhere outside of Yeats and Taylor Swift lyrics is science. 

Elsewhere is religion. 

It’s not a level playing field, and yes, science has a seperate set of rules that make it wonderful. 

But it’s just a description. 

With layers. 

With nuance. 

With an audience who gets it. And with people who are totally clueless. It’s part of the art of it all. 

As a starting point, the poetry approach has served me well. 

You can start looking for why somebody thinks ideas rhyme. 

I can get why my doctor wants to follow a course of treatment. 

I can understand why somebody is doing something I find agitating on social media. 

I can grasp why Drake is cool but mostly not for me (and respect Drake and I could bond over loving some of the same music too). 

Add all the layers you want, but I really do think it all reduces to poetry. 

Show me something that works, I’ll look for the forms and patterns.

Write the poem. Do the dance. Feel the pattern.