It Doesn’t Have To Be A Revolution, It Just Has To Be Different

Crises offer us an external catalyst for change. The world gives us the cover of, “things really are different now.” All of the things we thought we might do in a different way, the things we might try if we had the chance, the ideas we might express if we had the opportunity – chaos creates chances. Author and marketer Christopher Lochhead said,

I would ask you not to use the paradigms of the past, but to stand in the future and move the world to the future that you want. Legendary marketers are visitors from the future, educating us about a new opportunity or a new way to think about a problem and therefore a new solution to access that opportunity or resolve that problem.

The old ways aren’t bad. Most of them work for a reason. But, look at how many businesses, professions, and practices are homogenized. Look how a crisis reduces most to focus on “just the basics.” Their pulling in creates opportunities for our reaching out. Anything that breaks from the standard mold receives the benefit of “things really are different now.”

Think about what to change and why, and then, be a visitor from the future. Show and tell. As Lochhead also says, “it’s not about going back to work, it’s about creating the future.” He’s not just talking about impossible innovation for geniuses either. Look at any business and dial up the contrast. It doesn’t have to be a revolution, it just has to be different.

*the quote is from Lochhead on Marketing ep. 38, “The Future Needs You”

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