It Might Take A Lifetime (But Luckily That’s What We Have)

I’ve been playing guitar since kindergarten. I’ve started to pick it up more often again lately, and like any old obsession, I totter back and forth between, “god I love this,” and “god am I crap at this.”

If I had a lifetime I couldn’t do what my heroes did. But, I don’t have to do what they did. I only have to do what I do. And so long as I’m enjoying it, I might as well do more of it.

Glennon Doyle put it like this (in Untamed):

It might take a lifetime. But luckily, a lifetime is exactly what we have.

I hung this picture (and a few choice others) up above my workspace as a reminder. It’s a snapshot in time of the joy. It was taken before I even had a real guitar. It was taken before I even practiced an honest hour.

I’m still that kid, just with a few more ideas in his head, a new pair of glasses, and a few real guitars. But it’s not really about any of those things. It’s really about the joy that comes out of it.

It’s all part of a lifetime. I’m still chasing that feeling.