It’s A Fact, It’s Science

“It’s a fact, it’s science.”
Not exactly. Science is a process where we test answers to questions. 
We only reach “fact” status when the answer to a test is “objective and verifiable.” Even here, we’re never quite 100% certain. Anything could be disproven, it just becomes a matter of likelihood or confidence.
The most common uses of “facts” and ”truths” tend to be subjective and not objective, unverifiable instead of verifiable. We might be able to state an event, but not its exact cause as a fact or truth. Reality is murky. Science is just a method for making our way through the murk.
There’s comfort in the ability and tendency to be wrong. Newton was “right” about gravity until Einstein showed up. Scientists today are working to expand/disprove Einstein’s theories. No one stands above the potential for progress. if Einstein didn’t have to be right, what are we hung up on?
There’s an endless amount of topics to argue over. Science is a reminder that we all have the capacity to be wrong. Science is a reminder that the only constant is change. If it’s a fact, it might not be science. But, if it’s questionable, then it probably is.