It’s A Struggle, And It’s Real

A friend has a great idea to grow her business. She’s also got a million reasons and details that could get in her way. It’s a struggle, and it’s real.

It’s too easy to let a fear of failure turn into an obstacle of success. It’s too easy to be intimidated and not want to try the new, scary, audacious thing. It’s too easy to talk ourselves out of taking the leap. It’s a struggle, and it’s real.

But, if we never try, we’ll never know. And if we never know, we’ll never learn. Some of the lessons suck. Some of the teachers are savages. Still, all of them are useful in some way. Even the things we wish we didn’t know remind us, “I’ll never do that again.” It’s a struggle, and it’s real.

We’ve all got an idea, a plan, a goal we want to bring into reality. It only counts as progress if we progress. It only makes a contribution if we contribute. Now is as good a time as any. Here is as good a place. Fear is a terrible reason to freeze. Yes it’s a struggle, yes it’s real.

But if you don’t do the work, who will?