“It’s Really Inappropriate to Jog Around a Graveyard, Flaunting Your Life…” (Thoughts on “Fleabag”)

The show Fleabag articulates interpretation, misinterpretation, and projection absolutely viscerally. This quote scratches the surface on the absurd humor that colors the show so well:

It’s really inappropriate to jog around a graveyard, flaunting your life…

There’s whoever we are doing something for, and then there are the bystanders, innocent or otherwise. We interpret, misinterpret, and project ourselves constantly. Sometimes we want the opinions or input of others, and sometimes they just give it to us. It combines into a soupy mess in our heads. It’s the human experience.

There’s an art to figuring out which voices to listen to and which ones to ignore. There’s an art to figuring out how to send our messages and have them appropriately received and interpreted. There’s an art to cleaning up the messes and learning from the mistakes along the way. Personally and collectively.

There’s an art to creating art like this. Phoebe Waller-Bridge has tapped into something profound with this series and I’m just in awe.

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