It’s Your Magic Trick

The thing we do professionally for the people we seek to serve is our magic trick. We should treat it with that level of mystique and respect. And, beyond just what we do, it’s the combination of explaining and showing what we do and how we do it that drives new business.

It’s not enough to tell people we pull rabbits out of hats and saw ladies in half. We actually have to perform the tricks, amazing and delighting our audience along the way. This combination of the pitch and the performance is also where our value comes from. It’s the setup and the delivery.

We start with a problem. In the magician’s case, it might be the need for some entertainment. We continue with what we do, or the pitch that, “Hey, let me show you this magic trick.” We end with a performance, showing how we do what we say we do to the people we seek to serve.

Whatever you’re doing professionally, treat it like a magic trick. For people who need or want it done, it’s going to make them happy. That’s magic enough. Respect it.

To help people clearly understand what it is you do, split the explanation up into these three parts: the problem, what solves it, and a description or demonstration of how you do it. Then tell someone and see what happens.

More work is on the way fellow magician.

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