I’ve Got A Glock in My Harari (part 2)

The glock reference wasn’t just for a cheap Fetty Wap pun, it was a reference to Chekov’s gun.

Anton Chekhov famously stated that every element in a story must be necessary, and if you put a loaded gun in chapter one, you’d better fire it in chapter two or three.

Criticisms of “Homo Deus” that are troubled by Yuval Noah Harari’s semi-dystopian future focus on his interpretation of how tech and data will reshape humanity. They are fair points.

The key is that you don’t have to like his forecast in order to benefit from the way he organizes the data. Harari’s discussion of the technical extension of the scientific revolution is the gun in chapter one. It’s going to get used. We’re not just abandoning Snapchat and going back to cave painting without a fight.

As authors of moments, we have to point the gun out, build the tension, and shoot it. This is what charges the experiences that take us back and forth across the drawbridge from experiencing to analyzing. Once it goes BANG, the action is consuming. That’s the glock in my ‘rari.

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