Josh Spector On Monetizing Your Expertise

If you have something you’re an expert in and want to make money using it, ask and answer these 6 questions (via Josh Spector):

  1. I use my expertise to help people ______. 
  2. Name 3-5 traits, skills, or experiences that make you unique in your area of expertise (unique, NOT better!).
  3. Who actively is seeking expertise on this topic right now?
  4. How will your expertise get a person FROM point A and TO point B? 
  5. What’s the best way to deliver the expertise? (The medium of choice for the people who want your transformation to get it).
  6. What are your actual monetary goals for this (how much to charge for how much work you’ll put in and how much time you’ll have)? 

Here’s his thread. I’m thinking a lot about this for myself again lately. If you know something and it’s valuable, how else would you put it out there? 

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