Just Be Into It (Seinfeld Quote)

Nothing beats purposeful passion. 

Jerry Seinfeld said (in a Kevin Hart interview, via Billy Oppenheimer’s notes):

I am completely obsessed. And the audience wants that, they pay for that. I don’t want to see someone who’s kind of into it. 

Have you ever had the experience, where you look at something and go “wow, whoever made that – they were INTO it!”

That’s what I care about. That’s all I care about. I don’t care what you do – I just want to see people and talk to people and be around people who are INTO it. And the dumber the thing is, kinda the cooler that obsession is to me.

Bonus point: There’s an echo here of the old expression, “If you want to be be interesting, be interested.” So even if you’re reading this quote and not aiming for the pinnacle of your field (or industry, or medium, or …) you still can use the “what are you into” test to stoke your curiosity about others. 

Hands down, it’s way better to ask somebody what they’re purposefully passionate about than the weather. And, you can connect a whole lot faster with this method too.