Just Do It

Carl Richards (@behaviorgap) made the comment, 

We’re more interested in being seen as creative than being creative. We’re more interested in being seen as contrarian than being contrarian. If you want to know what it’s like to be contrarian, watch “The Big Short” up until the point where it works.

It’s a lot easier to have an outside-the-box opinion than it is to stand outside the box and prove we mean what we say.

A few years ago when I started writing and sharing these posts it was because I wanted to be more creative. Until I started writing daily, I wasn’t actually being creative – I was just wishing I was. 

Posturing, performing and being seen a certain way is fine. But doing, making, and putting the work in – that’s what makes change. 

The hardest stuff happens at the beginning. The rest is execution.* It’s scary as shit.

*execution isn’t always easy either. This is why operations people exist, and also why a lot of people stop at wanting to be seen a certain way instead of actually being a certain way. The point of this all is, extra Nike, just do it. 

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