Keep The “We” In Mind

If you’re giving something a go – a business, a social media post, a meeting – do it for whoever might genuinely care besides you.

A friend said,

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should.

Just because we can’t, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try.

I asked him, “We? Or I? Or both?”

He thought about it and said,

In all situations, I think you have to at least keep the “we” in mind.

What’s the impact on everyone involved, not just you?

What are the odds? And might the impossibility, or unlikelihood of it all – still make it worth a shot? For everybody who cares?

You won’t make all of the people like you. But you might find your people.

Ps. the dark side of this is saying some horribly insensitive stuff to find other people who feel that way too (ex. Too much of social media). I’m not advocating for this, but I am pointing out how it works. Those who are willing to put their crankiness out there will find other cranks. Do good, not evil, but respect the process. Always.

h/t John R.

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