King Kazu Won’t Retire (The World’s Oldest Professional Soccer Player)

Kazuyoshi Miuru, aka King Kazu, just signed a fresh contract with the professional Portuguese team, Oliveirense. 

He’s 56 years old.

Kazu’s the oldest professional soccer player in the world. He’s still getting on the pitch. He’s still scoring goals. 

Not for his national team, and yes, he’s in the second-tier league in Portugal with some ownership stake influence, but he’s still doing it. 

Compelled to kick a ball at the professional level. 

You have to admire it. His career started in 1982 when he moved – as a teenager – to Brazil. With no Japanese professional league to play in, he went where one was. The career unfolded. Globally.  

Compulsion. Drive. Hunger. 

When you have to do something, you go where the opportunity is. Part of leveling up is finding higher platforms. Once you have status, you keep it if you can figure out how to keep going – wherever the opportunity is. 

If you’ve never heard of King Kazu, he’s out there setting fresh records today. Check this short video out: