Life Transactions: You’ll Pay 3x

Here’s a James Clear-ism I can’t shake about how you pay for every action THREE times:

Every transaction is paid for at least three times. First, with the money you pay. Second, with the time you spend. Third, with the reputation you create through your behavior.

Being pleasant, reliable, and easy to work with might cost you a little more time. Perhaps even a bit of extra money. But the long-term returns from a great reputation usually outweigh the cost of a single transaction.

Most of the value in life and in business arises out of good relationships.

What I love most about this is he managed to balance the reality of “relational” alongside “transactional” – which are often competing. 

This is especially true in service/experience-based businesses (and life!). 

We pay a cost in each interaction, but we also invest in each relationship – for better or for worse – along the way. 

The more conscientious we are of what we are investing in, the more intentional we can be. 

How’s that for a thought before your weekend?!

Ps. here’s a riff, using the Amazon Alexa example, of thinking relationally versus transactionally

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