Lloyd’s Message To Smith After Getting Knocked Out Of The World Cup (And Marta’s Speech Too)

Penalty kicks are the worst. 

You play the full game. Then you play the extra time. And if you still don’t have a winner, you basically start flipping coins. 


The US Women’s National Team got knocked out of the World Cup. 

On penalties. 

Brutal, brutal, painstakingly brutal. 

There’s important soccer strategy takes – but more importantly, there’s this message. 

Carli Lloyd, one of the all-time US greats, recorded a message to Sophia Smith – one of our most promising young players, who (brutally) missed her penalty kick on that fateful, knockout night. 

“It’s a moment to grow.”

I’m saving this pep talk here. Just below it, see Brazilian superstar Marta’s exit interview too. Her perspective and positive ambition is infectious.

Just watch. 

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