Maggie Rogers On Her (Visual) Creative Inputs

Before Maggie Rogers makes an album, she has to write some songs. And before she writes some songs, she starts with some visuals. 

She calls it a mood board (and this is apparently a thing people do that TIL). 

As a synesthesiac, her brain connects colors to feelings and sounds.

She pulls out the poster board and starts smudging lipstick, eyeshadow, colored pencils – you name it – to get the colors, textures, and feelings onto the page, so she can audibly reflect what she sees. 

Sometimes to do one thing, we have to do something else. 

Ps. I’m modestly obsessing over this idea, and not because I’m color-connected, but because I’m trying to really nail down some of my own creative processes. Pen on paper helps me think. Inspired distraction helps me focus in tiny spaces (harnessing the ol’ ADHD). What about you? Do you mood board or have other rituals to get you focused? 

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