Make Them Curious

To everyone who’s ever had this conversation:

How’d you know that?
I don’t know, I just did. I love that stuff.

Seth Godin says it best, “Learning isn’t what happens because you have a test, it’s what happens because you wanted to know.”

It didn’t take a quiz, it didn’t game needing a passing grade, it didn’t take satisfying a mandate. It took curiosity.

Curiosity especially applies to our work. It’s an accelerant for just about anything we want our clients or prospects (or investors, or classroom, or ________) to understand. If we can make them curious, they can learn something. If we can’t, how are we expecting them to get there? Luck?

The opportunity isn’t to teach to the test, it’s to build curiosity. Don’t just put one hook in the water, put ten in. See where we get bites and double down on those spots. The more curiosity we build, the faster we get there.

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