Malcolm Gladwell’s “Never Say I Think This Is Bad” Rule

Malcolm Gladwell never says “I think this thing is bad.” 

There’s just too many times he’s thought something sucked or wasn’t that interesting or was annoying,

But then (!)

A day, a year, a decade later – holy crap, how’d I miss this?!

(I know this feeling – so, so well)

Gladwell’s rule is to never say “I think this thing is bad,” and to instead say, “I think this thing is bad right now.” 

All praise the temporal variable. 

What sucks now might be seen totally differently tomorrow. 

Ps. And Rick Rubin adds to this philosophy – never say “I can’t do that.” Always say, “I can’t do that yet,” or “I haven’t done that yet.” 

The clock is ticking. You might as well put time on your side. 

h/t this Broken Record interview