Mark Manson’s 9 Steps To Complete Misery

If you need your therapy with a spoonful of sarcasm, step over Ted Lasso and into Mark Manson’s YouTube channel

In “How To Be Miserable And Ruin Your Life,” we get this 9-point checklist for success:

  1. Always _______ someone else for your problems. 
  2. _______ constantly. 
  3. _______ anything remotely challenging or uncomfortable. 
  4. Wait for _______.
  5. Get ______ when that person doesn’t fix your life problems. 
  6. Become obsessed with _______.
  7. Validate all of your _______ on social media.
  8. _______ yourself. 
  9. Believe that change is _______. 

Spoiler: he fills in the blanks. Just the way you’re thinking, and maybe darker. 

I’ll be keeping this link and list handy. Just in case I need a reminder of what I’m supposed to (not be) doing, or as a case-review checklist before releasing more people into the void. 

h/t Laurie H. for finding this. More Mark Manson notes here. If you need to dial it back and check out some Ted Lasso stuff, that’s here

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