Marketing Is Sales At Scale

One of many things I’ve learned from Christopher Lochhead is that, “Marketing is sales at scale.”

It starts with being able to convince and convert (“sell”) one person. That’s the job of the salesperson.

It continues with being able to convince and convert multiple people. That’s the job of the marketer.

Great salespeople aren’t necessarily great marketers, but great marketers are great salespeople.

It all comes back to convince and convert. When we find a way of presenting an idea, product, service, etc., we can gain tremendous leverage by looking for ways to scale it up farther.

Anybody with basic sales skills and some amount of desire can learn how to market. Having the vision to see how something that works over here can be applied to work over there is how great marketing builds great brands.

Look for the sale. Look for the scale. Doesn’t have to be infinite, but if we want bigger, that’s the path.