Memory And The Muse

Mnemosyne is the goddess of memory. 

She had 9 daughters. 

We know them as the 9 muses. 

In an oral culture, memory is really (really) important. 

When our curiosity is piqued, it’s like a memory is forming. Deja vu. Or maybe vuja de

Maybe part reminder of something else, maybe part reminder of nothing – hence its novelty. 

But memory and the muses are the source of inspiration. 


They call out to our curiosity. Our curiosity calls back. Both in search. 

Always for each other. 

It really makes you think about what you want to feed your brain. What you want to be always listening for. And always calling out too. 

For all creators:

Creative output requires creative input. 

And a visit from the muse. 

Listen and call, call and listen. 

Back to work.