Most-Read Cultish Creative Posts Of 2021

Welcome to 2022. One cool thing about writing in public is seeing what resonates (and trying to figure out why). Here are the most-read posts of 2021, per the data. What common threads do you see? I’m seeing a lot of lucky catches on searchable quotes and concepts from TV, books, and other media. Hmm. A riff on each of these ideas could almost make a book itself.

Have a favorite from the year from this list or otherwise? Let me know

Be A Goldfish (Sound Advice From Ted Lasso)

What Mode Are You In – Preacher, Prosecutor, Or Politician?

Process Saves Us From The Poverty Of Our Intentions

Our Work Is A Prepared Response To The Surprises Of Others

The Frog In Boiling Water Myth

Correlation Ain’t Causality

A Person Who Doesn’t Read Has No Advantage Over A Person Who Can’t Read

Salt Shaker Theory

Stubborn On Vision And Flexible On Details

To Lead People, Walk Behind Them


Podcast Of The Year: A Heartfelt Hot Dog Stand Review

Sunday Music Song Of The Year: I’m Going Through Changes