Motivation Requires Inspiration

When you offer a service that just about everyone needs but only a handful pursue on their own, you don’t increase conversions by trying to motivate people.

If everyone needs it, then the response will be, “Oh, yeah, I’ve really got to get to that. It’s just, I’ve been busy, and…”

Motivation needs inspiration. Inspiration comes with a clear and present problem that some aspect of the service can solve.

The worst part about “everyone could use this” is that something for everyone is really something for no one. ”Everyone” is too broad. It’s too general. It’s inherently de-motivating.

The best part about “everyone could use this” is that once we know what someone needs, we can show them how the service specifically applies to solving their problem. Now the advice is specific. There’s a problem and a path towards a solution. Now we have inspired motivation – and that’s the real goal.

h/t to James Clear. This quote set me off on this post, “Most people think they lack motivation when they really lack clarity.”

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