Mousetraps, Better Mousetraps, and Alt-Mousetraps

I heard from a business development friend how they needed to build a better mousetrap to catch nichey leads.

He was going through all of the self-described old ways they were doing things and venting his frustrations. I asked if maybe they were trying to catch leprechauns and not mice.

He laughed and asked what I meant.

I pointed out that one has a pot of gold, and the other mostly just poops in your walls.

If you want to catch leprechauns, don’t use mousetraps.

Not even the humane ones.

If you want to catch something special, like a very nichey audience, start with exactly what they want, and then work backwards.

Don’t use the closest-rhyming standard methods just because.

Mousetraps make for poor leprechaun traps, and that can be a very lucky thing to know.

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