My Dream Conversation With Pema

Not like “the one I dream about having,” but “the one I dreamt the other night after finishing Don’t Bite The Hook.” The one where I’m reminded of how our mindset determines our interpretation of everything that happens to us. The one where I’m reminded of how others’ mindsets determine everything that happens to them. And it goes a little something like this (hit it):

“You’re mindset. It’s like a target.”

“Like, the store?”

“No, no, no. A target, like a bullseye.”

“Ok. So a target that I’m trying to hit, meaning the things I want.”

“Matt…. you’re getting closer. Think of your mindset as a target that everybody else is shooting arrows into. Your mindset is how you’re going to perceive everything anyone else shoots at you.”

“Because their shots are going to land, and they’re going to hit the mark I set for them.”

“Exactly. So pick the right target to receive the arrows. If you change your mindset, you change the target, and you have to realize you can do it. You can control how you’re going to experience their arrows.”

“I’m in control of my receiver.”

“You are in control of your bullseye. And you can’t get rid of it. You have it and it’s out there for everyone with arrows to take aim at. Why not make sure it’s the right one?”

“They don’t have these at my local Target by chance do they?”

“Wow (shaking her shaved head) – clever, but cheap. You get it. Good luck out there.”

“Fair. And, lesson understood. Thanks Pema.”

Their arrows, our target, our interpretation. We all have a bullseye. Choose wisely.

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