New Beginnings (Louis L’Amour Quote)

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished; that will be the beginning.” – Louis L’Amour

You go through a dark period. 

Or maybe a bright one – where you’re just crushing work and all the projects are getting completed. 

Or maybe it’s the end of a contract. Or the end of a relationship. Or the end of a phase you’re in. 

The abyss stares back. 

Whatever’s next, it’s the stare you feel. A suspicion. The formation of an itch. 

I’ve been reflecting on all the “finisheds” I’ve felt in the past several years, and all of the beginnings I barely sensed staring back from beyond the horizon at the time. They’re filling my plate now. 

Life is pretty wild. Boxes are checked off. Tasks are accomplished. But the next bit – it’s always, always, always just waiting to come into view. 

I’ll be keeping this L’Amour quote around.

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