Not Just A Great Place To Be, A Great Place To Be From

A great way to get a sense about a company (or team, or any group’s) culture isn’t just to talk to people who are currently in it, but to talk to people who have left too.

No, not to just to dig through the trash, but because you’ll quickly find out how people feel once they’re on the outside.

Will it be like graduates of a prestigious college who look back on their time fondly?


Will it be like a soldier after the war painfully remembering the hell they lived through?

Sure, there’s lots of grey in the middle, but you can find out at least as much from people who have moved on as from there people who are still there.

The same is true when we are building and shaping a culture. As Patty McCord puts it, “don’t just create a great place to be, create a great place to be from.”

Want more on this idea? Check out “Our Own (Jedi) Tours Of Duty.”

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