On (Electronically) Broken Windows And Staying Curious

I got a new (used) car, and I bought it on a rainy day. 

What don’t you do on a rainy day when you’re test driving a car? You don’t put the windows down. 

Driving the car a few days later, with the sun out and the magic of bluetooth music automatically piping through my speakers, I reached for the window buttons on the driver’s side door. 

My passenger side window, my passenger side window, why have you forsaken me?

I turned to the new gods for help, and as is so often the case, YouTube saved me. There were a ton of videos explaining this anomaly. When the battery is disconnected on a car of my year and model, a person has to do some Nintendo cheat code button rituals to bring the driver’s side window buttons back to life. 

There are a great many things I cannot do. I’m not particularly handy and I’m not particularly smart (at least in the traditional, textbook and test ways). What I am, is very curious.

Here’s a reminder regarding whatever window is stuck in your life: stay curious.

Ask the gods for help. Follow what they proffer. If it doesn’t work, get even more curious. The answers to most of the basic stuff is out there, and if you’re willing to search, you can create a world of value for yourself and others. 

Ps. You’ll probably avoid some unnecessary fees, expenses, and professional shame too (can you imagine the deadpan look on the mechanic’s face as he fixed the “stupid broken on my new car” window in front of me in about 30 seconds? I can. I stand before you grateful for having dodged a shame bullet this week.