Once The Resistance Is Removed…

I had a huge project hanging over my head for months. It occupied every spare moment of thought, like water seeping in through the tiniest spaces to remind me, “I’m here, you have to address this.”

It did have a deadline though. And that meant an end. The problem was that end kept flipping back and forth in my mind between looking like a light at the end of a tunnel and a headlight on a train speeding at me somewhere in the middle of the tunnel.

It made me really think about the “when it ends” part a lot. Because when it does, man, the weight really comes off of you.

When that weight comes off, it’s like swinging a bat that had donuts on it before. Doing everything else while working on that project too was hard. Doing everything else after? Still hard. But some of that weight is off and now I can swing faster and harder.

The resistance is important for training. But swinging harder and faster after you train is important for progress. Don’t be all practice and no progress. Something to think about.

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