Once You Learn To Quit It Becomes A Habit (Lombardi)

“Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit.” – Vince Lombardi

Habits determine most of what happens in our lives. 

It’s why stopping bad habits is arguably more important than starting new ones. 

And harder too. 

Because most of our habits just sort of show up in our daily activities. Knowing not only when but how to quit is a separate skill. And most of us weren’t raised on the sage-like wisdom of, “Oh honey, just stop trying so hard.” 

I spent a lot of years as a perpetual hold-er on-er. 

I have some… articles of clothing, that, let’s just say, I’ve been asked more than once when I’m gonna finally get rid of. 

Not because I’m still wearing them. But because I get convinced certain things have sentimental value so I just hold on to them. Even when they don’t. 

And that’s why Lombardi’s quote is so important. 

Get rid of the old cargo shorts you’re never going to wear again.* 

Stop doing other self-destructive or self-restrictive things too. 

Once you learn to shut one thing off, it gets easier to turn off more. And since life has a way of tucking new habits into your pockets when you’re not looking, fewer clothes (and fewer pockets) is only going to help. 

Embrace quitting. It’s a habit worth sticking to. 

*I actually got rid of those shorts a long time ago, but it’s a flagrant example and I wanted to use it next to a “too many pockets to hold too many inconsequential things” theme. There’s a deeper question here about what are you holding relative to how many pockets do you have too. For another day, perhaps.